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Many aspects of a yoga practice can aid and deepen your therapy experience. 

If this speaks to you, read on.

Yoga + Therapy

Mind/Body Connection

Intentionally getting our body to move and respond to our thoughts and choices can wake up different neural connections than simply talking.  We use movement as a tool to process stuck emotions and gain new insights into our self.  And through movement, we can work through rigid defenses that can sometimes keep us from deeper healing.

Breathing Exercises & Guided Meditation

Various ancient breathing exercises are now being researched and recognized as extremely effective tools for regulating our nervous system.  I will teach you simple breathing tools that bring you back to yourself in times of anxiety and stress.  And guided meditation can be a very useful introduction to meditation.

Negative Self-Talk

When we challenge ourselves physically we can become vividly aware of the self-limiting thoughts and feelings that we carry with us.  Practicing yoga gives us a real-time opportunity to address this negative self-talk and actively work on re-wiring our thinking and re-regulating our nervous system to align to healthier thoughts.

If the concept of integrating yoga into your therapy is appealing to you, this can be part of our regular therapy sessions or we can meet at the GO YOGA yoga studio.

Reach out with any questions inquiries:

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